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Private Duty Respite Care

Our experienced R.N.’s can provide you with confidential, professional care to meet your needs  We can do 24 hour care or whatever works for you.  Let your family enjoy spending time with you as you convalesce, and let us assist with your medical needs  We are flexible and evaluate every person’s needs individually.

For other procedures, such as plastic surgery, the client may want to maintain privacy and not involve family and friends in their immediate post-procedure recuperation.  Nursing Liaisons is a perfect option to help the patient through those sensitive and medically important recoveries.

Sometimes, a client traveling to Boston for surgery must stay locally in a hotel upon discharge before receiving physician clearance to return home.  Nursing Liaisons will work with the patients’ family to care for the patient, even if only for a few hours to provide medical assistance to the patient and much needed relief for the attending family members.