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Nursing Liaisons

When you don't have a nurse in the family...

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Nursing Liaisons -Service excellence, built on a foundation of trust

Nursing Liaisons, founded by RN’s Eleanor Ericson & Lisa Barrett, are specialized nurses providing RN Advocate Services, Transitional Care & Private Duty Respite Care.  Our Mission is simple: we want you to experience the same level of comfort and support as you would if you had a nurse in the family.

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Our Services

The skilled, compassionate help you need… For the care you and your family deserve

We provide Transitional Care, Private Duty Respite Care, RN Advocacy Service and clinical trial research.  The focus of Nursing Liaisons is to provide compassionate care, guidance, education and support to patients in many areas of their life.
As experienced registered nurses, we are passionate in believing that we make a difference with each patient. Our goal is to empower and educate the patient in managing their medical care while providing hope, encouragement and assistance.


Transitional Care

We provide transitional care to high-risk patients for the first 30 days after discharge in order to prevent costly hospital readmissions and promote maximum patient knowledge and independence.

Private Duty Respite Care

Our experienced R.N.’s can provide you with confidential, professional care to meet your needs  We can do 24 hour care or whatever works for you.

RN Advocacy Services

Navigating the medical system is difficult when you are well. When you are not feeling well it is a frightening place. Regardless of your age or medical condition consider a Nursing Liaisons RN to help

Home With A Nurse

Discharging from the hospital to home is a confusing, stressful time, for patients and their families.  Nursing Liaisons is offering our unique program, “Home With A Nurse”.   Let us help make this a positive experience as you transition home.
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